Club Constitution and Rules


1. The Club

The name of the Club is Totton Running Club formerly Totton and District Athletic Club, (hereinafter to be referred to as "the Club"). 

2. Motto

The Club Motto is “A Place and a Pace for Everyone” 

2. Colours

The club colours shall be blue vest with white & yellow side panels.

3. Objectives

  • To encourage the practice, promotion, development and participation of amateur athletics in Totton and the wider community.

  • To provide training and coaching for members.

  • To organise teams to represent the Club in championships and leagues and in such other competitions as the Committee shall decide.

  • To cater for the disciplines of: Road Running & Cross-Country Running.

  • To seek to be affiliated to national and regional amateur athletic bodies as the Committee consider consistent with the other objectives of the Club

4. Management

The Management of the Club is vested in a committee consisting of the following four officers:- Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Vice Chair and ideally eight other members (but up to a maximum of ten) to be elected by the general membership at each Annual General Meeting.


In order to be elected as Chair or Secretary Candidates must have previously served on the committee


Five participants are required to form a quorum for a committee meeting to take place, provided at least one officer is present & if secretary is absent someone else is appointed to take minutes.  Voting may be used, at committee meetings, to enable decision making. The Chair (or acting chair) does not vote in such circumstances, unless there is an equality of votes in which case they will have the casting vote.


The committee has the power to refill any vacancy, which may arise, and co-opt members for particular projects. The Committee shall also have the power to:


  • Establish any sub Committee deemed appropriate and to delegate to these sub Committees such duties as may be considered appropriate.

  • Appoint individuals to perform specific duties on behalf of the Club, and to delegate to those individuals such duties as they consider appropriate.  


At each Annual General Meeting all of the committee shall resign, but shall be eligible for reelection provided they have attended 50% of Committee Meetings during the previous year, unless special circumstances appertain. It shall be the duty of all of the Committee to maintain regular attendance at the Club and Committee meetings. Should continuous non-attendance or other incidents of neglect be evident, a majority of the Committee shall be empowered to insist that the officer/committee member stands down and assumes the status of an ordinary club member.


Aside from the four officer responsibilities, the committee member duties shall be appointed by the Committee from amongst themselves.  


Any Member may be nominated by any other two Members, with his/her approval, as a candidate for any of the posts of Committee Member by notice in writing (including email) to the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. However in order to be nominated the member must be a full club member for one year preceding the nomination. If the number of candidates for election as the Committee Members shall be equal to or less than the number of vacancies, they shall be declared elected unopposed. If the number of candidates is greater than the number of vacancies, votes will be taken at the AGM: every eligible Member may vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies and those candidates with the most votes will be elected until all vacancies were filled.

7. Subscriptions

The Annual Subscription of the club is to be set by the committee and is payable from 1st April each year. Any member failing to make payment by 1st May shall be considered in arrears, implying that they:
•    cease to be entitled to the rights and privileges of membership 
•    are not eligible to take part in any competition promoted by the Club. 
•    will not be registered with England Athletics (or equivalent governing body)
•    may be expelled provided that notice has been sent at least twice to the member’s last known email address(or postal address if no email address available) informing him/her of the proposed action.

8. Finances

The Club funds shall be administered by the Committee and banked at a recognised bank/building society. The Club’s Accounting year shall end on 31st July and the Honorary Treasurer shall present a set of Accounts reviewed by a person or persons authorised by the Committee.


All funds belonging to the Club shall be deposited with a bank or building society in accounts that shall carry the Club title. All accounts shall operate on two signatories. Those registered to sign will be; the Treasurer, Chair, Secretary and Vice Chair. The treasurer shall be authorised to make electronic bank transfers - but only with a recorded confirmation from one of the other officers.

9. Annual General Meeting

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) shall be held during the months of August or September. The AGM agenda will include:


  • Annual report from the Secretary

  • Financial statements & Treasurer’s report

  • Other officer & committee members’ reports if appropriate

  • Election of the four club officers (specifically named against particular office)

  • Election of other committee members (not assigned to specific  duty at AGM)

  • Consideration of  constitution amendments provided due notice has been given to all members

  • Transact any other notified business


The Honorary Secretary must give every Member 21 days’ notice of the meeting. Proposed resolutions for consideration must be given in writing (including email) to the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Meeting. All paid up members of the Club at the meeting (apart from junior members) shall have the power to vote. In the case of an equality of votes the Chair will have a second, casting, vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands except where the Chair decides voting shall be by ballot

Members are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM. Where it is practically possible to do so, the Chair can make available the option for proxy voting, for those not able to be there. Such voting will only apply to resolutions put forward in advance of the AGM. In such circumstances votes need to be passed to the Honorary Secretary (by email or by paper) 1 day in advance of the meeting.

10. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

An EGM may be called:


  • By the Committee to discuss changes to the Constitution and Rules or any other Club business too urgent to wait for the AGM.

  • If 10 voting members so petition the Hon Secretary in writing -in which case a meeting must be called within 14 days of receipt of the petition.


21 days’ notice of an EGM must be given to all members by email or in writing together with the motion/s to be discussed. No other business shall be conducted. Procedures for voting shall be as used for the AGM. 

5. Membership

Membership of the Club shall be open to persons who are amateurs as defined by UK athletics governing bodies at that time, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis. Membership types:


  • Senior: age 18+, entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at club general meetings.

  • Junior: age 15 to 18, not entitled to participate in club general meetings. In addition junior members must be accompanied by a related adult or parent/guardian appointed senior club member at any club activity. Junior members shall not need to pay any subscription other than the registration fee to England Athletics (or other national governing body).

  • Honorary: entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at club general meetings. Honorary membership may be conferred by the Committee upon individuals who are active in club affairs. They shall not pay subscriptions. Honorary membership shall end when so determined by the Committee. 


Individuals who wish to become members of the Club must apply using the Committee approved Membership Form accompanied by the subscription fee. Each candidate for membership shall be considered by the Committee, which shall admit that person to membership unless to do so would be contrary to the best interests of the sport or the good conduct and interests of the Club. In becoming a member of the Club, every member agrees to abide by:


  • The Club’s Constitution and Rules

  • The Rules of Competition and other regulations of UK Athletics Limited and England Athletics Limited (or relevant successor bodies). 

6. Cessation of Membership

A Member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary. Membership terminates on the date of that notice, unless the member is financially indebted to the Club, in which case the Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until the liability is discharged.


Any member wishing to resign to join another club should consult the Club Secretary for relevant information. A member who resigns shall not be entitled to any refund of subscriptions in respect of the remaining period. Any person shall, upon ceasing to be a Member of the Club, forfeit all rights to and claims upon the Club and its property and funds.


The Committee shall have the power to expel a Member when in its opinion it would not be in the interests of the sport or the Club for that person to remain a member. Such expulsion shall be carried out in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedures set out in this document.

11. Alteration in Constitution

No alteration or addition may be made to the Constitution except by an Annual General Meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting called for the purpose.

12. Breach of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures 

The Club shall not tolerate the physical or mental abuse, harassment, discrimination or defamation of any of its Members during, or subsequent to, Club Events. Any Member may be disciplined or excluded from membership of the Club if his or her conduct has been, or is likely to be, prejudicial to the interests of the Club. Exclusion will be agreed by resolution of a majority of at least two thirds of those present and voting at a properly convened Committee Meeting and at which no fewer than eight of the total voting members of the Committee shall be present.   


Such Member shall have one month's clear notice of the Committee Meeting sent to him or her together with details of the case against him or her. The Member shall be entitled to attend the 


Meeting (with one other member in support) and be heard in defence, neither of which  shall be entitled to be present at the voting or take part in the proceedings other than as the Committee shall permit. If the Member is a member of the Committee, he or she shall not be entitled to vote

13. Dissolution

If at any Extra-Ordinary General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Club shall be passed by a majority of the Members present, a further Extra-Ordinary General Meeting shall be convened, to be held not less than four weeks thereafter (of which two weeks written notice shall be given to each Member in addition to the other provisions for Notices), to further consider the matter.


The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting support that proposal at a properly convened Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. If successful, the Committee shall proceed to realise the property of the Club and discharge all liabilities. Any property remaining after the discharge of debts and liabilities of the Club shall be decided at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.

14. Interpretation of Club Constitution

The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Constitution. The decision of the Committee upon any questions of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for by the Constitution, shall be final and binding on the Members except if otherwise directed by the Club in an Extra-Ordinary or Annual General Meeting.

15. Constitution History

This Constitution was formerly adopted at the AGM held on 18th October 2021 and replaces the club’s previous Constitution used since September 2019