Running Leagues

These are the four running leagues that Totton compete in over the course of the year. Use the buttons below for further information. Participation is of course not compulsory, but we encourage everyone to take part and help Totton achieve fortune and glory.


Local Races

Alternatively, if you're looking for another local event, use the buttons below to see some of our recommendations.

These events give you all the fun of racing without the mental anguish of wondering when the finish line is going to appear.

The middle distance races are where it starts to get tough but they are very satisfying and act as a good stepping stone to greater challenges

Running a marathon is the aspiration of many runners and there are also a number of 20M events to help you to adapt  longer distances.

While the running leagues take place over many months, we also enter team events where the outcome is decided during a single day.

Many of the photos used on our website were taken by local photographer, Paul Hammond. You can see more of his pictures here, but please ensure that you credit him if you use them and consider making a donation (small or large) to his charity.

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