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Nick Buis

From Archives - June 2012

John Mursell

From Archives - Sept 2012

Diana Davis

From Archives - Feb 2013

Tony Kendrick

From Archives - Winter 2013

Gemma Causebrook

May 2015

Anthony Mostran

June 2015

A-M Vanderplank

July 2015

Kevin Gardener

Aug 2015

Alice Birch

Sept 2015

Eamonn Rivers

Oct 2015

Kim Hall

Nov 2015

Neil Cameron

Dec 2015

Jacquie Barlow

Jan 2016

Pete Ellis

Feb 2016

Kylie Nugus

March 2016

Jon Marsden

April 2016

Esther Hardie

May 2016

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Many of the photos used on our website were taken by local photographer, Paul Hammond. You can see more of his pictures here, but please ensure that you credit him if you use them and consider making a donation (small or large) to his charity.