Our coaching team are responsible for putting together the training schedules and running the training sessions. If you have any queries about the sessions or are seeking race advice, they'll be happy to help.


John Mursell

Level 2 Coach


Sets the times for each session and checks we are doing as we are told!


jwmursell at

Sean Driscoll

Level 2 Coach


Leads (gets lost) the Friday eve runs and sets up for the reps before club.


sean-p at

Simon Mason

Level 2 Coach


Leads Friday runs and coaches group 4 and 5 and helps with the beginners.


simonmason at

Kylie Nugus

Level 2 Coach


Very experienced and leads the Friday morning runs.


m.nugus at

Sue Tizard

Level 2 Coach


Concentrates on beginners and helping those returning to running.


suetizard at

Andy Gates

Level 2 Coach


Very good at pacing everyone in the reps. Coaches group 2 and 3.


andygates05 at

Marlene Letheren

Level 2 Coach


Loves leading the sunday runs and encouraging new runners. 


mhletheren at

Martin Nugus

Level 1 Coach


Coaches group 2 and 3 but much prefers to be out on his bike!


martinnu at

Jacquie Barlow

Run Leader


One of our newest run leaders.


jacquie_barlow at

Sonia Cluitt

Run Leader


Always smiling! A very encouraging group 4 coach.


soniacluitt at

Debbie Garrett

Run Leader


One of several coaches who is great with our newer runners.


deborahjgarrett at

Neil Vincent

Run Leader


One of our newest run leaders.

Eamonn Rivers

Run Leader


One of our newest run leadesr and currently only 1 of 2 that can lead group 1!


eamonn.rivers at

Angela Soffe

Level 1 Coach


Runs with group 4 or 5 offers great encourgement.


angela.soffe at

Virginia Collins

Run Leader


Coaches group 2 and is very good at encouraging those at the back!


gina5560 at

Alison Kaines

Run Leader


Runs with group 4 or 5. One or our bling sisters with a great medal collection.


alisonkaines at

Jon Marsden

Run Leader


Currently only 1 of 2 coaches that can lead group 1!


jjmarsden at

Kevin Gardener

Run Leader


Runs with group 2 or 3.

kevgardener at


Neil Cameron

Coach in Running Fitness &  Coach Coordinator


Works with coaches, agreeing training schedules & strategies


neil.kc at

Diana Davis

Run Leader


Coaches Group 4 and backs up Kylie for Friday morning runs


dianajdavis at

Karen Williams

Run Leader


Runs with groups 3 and 4.

Very supportive in tough sessions.


karenwilliams4444 at

Viv Alexander

Coach in Running Fitness


Occasionally leads group 3. Is also a registered guide runner.


viv_alexander at

Many of the photos used on our website were taken by local photographer, Paul Hammond. You can see more of his pictures here, but please ensure that you credit him if you use them and consider making a donation (small or large) to his charity.

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