The committee are your elected representatives who co-ordinate club activities and organise events. Remember it's your club too, so don't be afraid to offer to help - they'll be grateful for the assistance! To contact members of the Committee please use the contact page.


Robert Barlow

Chairs the committee meetings and coordinates club management

Sean Driscoll

Vice-Chair & Stinger director

Supports the committee and heads up  the Stinger committee

Alison Kaines

Secretary & Welfare Officer

Responds to queries and circulates news & updates to members

Neil Cameron

Coach co-ordinator

Works with coaches, agreeing training schedules & strategies

Diana Davis


Deals with membership inquiries and administration

Shelby Vincent


Responsible for managing the club's income & spending

Virginia Collins

Social Secretary & Team manager

Organises club social events & teams for relay events

Dot Kennard

Team manager
Organises Team event and keeps us updated on races and updates the Club championship

Dave Murray

Committee Member

Peter Ellis

Virtual Racing

Organises virtual races during Covid

Kevin Gardener

Stinger director & Kit

Jointly runs the stinger with Sean and also ensures our runners are kitted out.

Tony Kendrict

Committee Member

Tony is also the clubs male walfare officer

Neil White


Updates the website.

Club Presidents

Non committee, but offer advice and support as needed


Bruce Elkins

John Mursell

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Many of the photos used on our website were taken by local photographer, Paul Hammond. You can see more of his pictures here, but please ensure that you credit him if you use them and consider making a donation (small or large) to his charity.