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2016 Awards

RR10 - Men

1st - Nick Buis

2nd - Neil Vincent

3rd - Simon Hall


RR10 - Women

1st - Sarah Lewis

2nd - Emma Pilbeam

3rd - Virginia Collins



1st - Simon Hall

2nd - Steve Wallington 

3rd - Andy Gates



1st -Emma Pilbeam

2nd - Lara Cove

3rd - Alison Kaines  


Cross Country Women/Man of the Year

Helen Wallington & Andy Gates


Most Improved Female/Male Runner

   Lara Cove/Kim Hall/Jane Pitt & AaronFroukhians/Paul Gale


Man/Lady of the Year

Simon Hall & Kylie Nugus


Chairman’s Award

Rebecca Rees


Special Achievement Award

In recognition of her record breaking

60 marathons in 60 days - Alice Burch

Club Championship – Man 

1st –  Simon Hall
2nd – Brian Frampton

3rd –  Andy Gates

3rd- Alan Miller

1st V40 – Alan Miller
1st V50 -  Brian Frampton

1st V60+ - Mike Mills

Club Championship – Lady

1st – Esther Wiley

2nd – Helen Wallington

3rd – Alice Burch

1st V40 – Helen Wallington

1st V50 – Alison Kaines

1st V60+ - Virginia Collins        

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