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Mile of Mile 2015 Results

We were lucky enough to have 4 teams entered for the mile of miles event on Wednesday 15th July. With 10 in each team we had 40 members waiting nervously at the start line at Southampton Athletics Track. Despite many of us having completed 10k and 10 mile races, half marathons, marathons and of course Endure 24 only months and weeks earlier it was amazing how many of us were scared of running a mile! To quote Josie "How is it than when just over two months ago I had the time of my life running 26.2 miles and just over a month a go I quite enjoyed running 35 miles over 24 hours, the thought of doing just one on the track tonight fills me with dread??" This was true for most of us! There was defintely something quite scary having 400+ people watching and waiting! The gun went off at 7.30pm and it was all go. There were runners everywhere! All teams  worked really hard and supported one another brilliantly. Everyone did really well and although we are still waiting on our official placings below you will find the Totton Teams results. We will update when we have the official results.

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