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CC6 #4 - Conquering the Hills at Holmsley Campsite

On a bright Sunday Morning TRC runners joined together for the 1st CC6 of 2023. We found our patch of land to create a base camp and set up the tent/flag ready for our cross country adventure. It was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up with clubmates or talk about the upcoming race. The team photo was taken with everyone lined up at the wall looking like possible suspects in an episode of Law & Order.

After some quick warm ups, activations and a pit stop to the toilets, an announcement was made to begin walking towards the start. The sun shone brightly as everyone huddled around listening to the course instructions. All of a sudden a 3,2,1 and off they go!! I had the honour of looking after Holly Dog so we decided to set off on our adventure whilst everyone ran.

The course can be summarised as the runners heading off into the enclosure with a mixture of gravel paths, horrendous hills and a half mile home straight finish. Mike Gordon was the main man capturing the key moments on the finishing home straight especially when me and Holly Dog took 1st place breaking a course record of 1st runner and dog pair to finish.

The last half a mile showed me a few different things that TRC runners are so good at doing:

  1. Teamwork - running together can spur each other on to finish strongly.

  2. Determination - using the open field to prepare for that sprint finish when you see another runner in front and look to catch them.

  3. Having fun - Taking part and seeing the blue wave of TRC at the end can put a smile on your face and there were lots of smiles today. Oh and don’t forget that free piece of cake at the end of course :).

35 runners took part in today’s CC6 (21 women, 14 men) with Lisa White completing her 1st CC6 for Totton. A special Happy Birthday shout out to Emily Stoodley as well.

Onto the next adventure down at Badgers Farm in February!!

Captain Robbie :)

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