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CC6 at Ocknell Campsite - Getting muddy at the Cross Country!

On a breezy cold Sunday morning TRC runners gathered at Ocknell Campsite to begin the 2022/23 CC6 season. We set up our tent on the ground and raised the TRC flag next to it. Teammates wandered over to the tent for a nice chat and a catch up. The classic team photo was taken showing off the club’s traditional blue and yellow TRC colours.

The hosts of the CC6 turned on their megaphone and told everyone to make their way to the start for the 1st race of the season. Some runners were still lining up to use the toilets which involved some last minute panic. With a 10-minute walk to the start, new runners Ian Page and Lena Rogers were keen to begin their first race for TRC, there will be more detail from them later on...

Runners lined up together and listened to the safety announcement of this brand new course. New runner Ian Page was running his first ever CC6 race and was quite surprised to hear it was out and back. These types of routes can be a bit of a challenge with running down one hill to run back up the same steep hill. With a 3,2 and a 1 we set off and began our race across the open plains of the forest.

The 1st mile was flat across the gravel paths as we made our way through the underpass and started to approach Mogshade Pond. With a swift turn to the left runners made their way downhill towards the wooden bridge before the climb back uphill. Everyone was making use of the straights to recover on and it was great to run past teammates and cheer them on (if you managed to catch your breath).

With the uphill nearly done and TRC clubmates motivating each other the sun started to shine brightly down for the 2nd half of the race. Running back underneath the underpass and back onto the plains of Ocknell the marshalls were in full voice as they cheered passionately and loudly as each runner went by. Next we headed back through the forest with a downhill and then the pace started to pick up - it felt like having rocket shoes but what goes down must go back yet the other side. Pumping the arms to clear the uphill felt like being in the home straight… until another uphill loomed in the distance before the finish line was in sight. With an extra kick to clear the uphill it was all good from here and the finish was within touching distance. A sprint finish was on the cards as runners made the end whilst dodging the GIANT HORSE POO right in the running line, something had decided to mark their territory! Oh the smell of the New Forest.

Lindsay collected the finishing tokens as 27 TRC runners completed the first CC6 course (17 men,10 women) and the dynamic duo of Samantha Bowyer and Emily Stoodley were in loud voice as they cheered us on. I wanted to take the opportunity to ask Ian Page and Lena Rogers what they thought of their first ever race for TRC and this is what they had to say.

Ian Page -” It was great to run past teammates as they cheered you when running back uphill. All in all an awesome morning of great weather, smiling teammates and great encouragement from the marshalls”.

Lena Rogers - “The CC6 was really good fun, it was a very good challenge as my first CC6 race with plenty of hills. I like the hills as I enjoy the challenge of them but it was a lovely morning and it wasn’t too muddy”.

Here’s to more CC6 races throughout the season!

Captain Robbie :)

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