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Eastleigh 10k - another super sunday!

Another race day dawned, another day of herding cats... sorry runners to get a team photo prior to the start.

After a break for Covid Eastleigh 10k finally returned, this much anticipated and always well attended race is a must on the running calendar as it's billed as a fast flat course and the self proclaimed home of the PB. This race was the 37th Eastleigh 10k with 2750 spaces snapped up and sold out weeks before hand. Its the race that gives out the high vis race tops that are actually useful to runners and worn all the time. And, its local so a nice easy one for us to get too.

For the first time this year there was sun and heat, like actual warmth from the big yellow thing in the sky. And as we've spent forever running in the cold this was a problem on the course as none of us were prepared for it. On the plus side we usually face this at the ABP Southampton races so they should be breeze this year.

Having perused the official results we had 27 TRC runners complete the day with 7 of those recording a PB and 2 a SB! another great turnout and set of results for the squad. Reports on the day roam from well organised, to more loos needed to yey! there were jaffa cakes at the finish... I'm with team jaffa cake.

The route is not most exciting route and doesn't supply the best scenery being mainly residential streets, but it did deliver on the no major hills promise. There was a slight but long up hill just before the final turn around but it was nothing compared to hills we have faced in the past. For my part I was running for a bimble and the pink top, so with no times to worry about I was able to bob along and aid/amuse/distract/piss off? other members of the club. I would like to say I helped people but if I just made you run faster as you wanted to get away from my babble a) I'm sorry and b) still made you run faster didn't I? I did get to encounter Mike Gordon on my run suffering with his Asthma but not letting it win and pushing on regardless, Kirk Jenkins who told me he was dying at mile 3 and still went on to smash a PB! For the last half of the race I ran with (or generally annoyed) Sarah -Jane on her first 10k, she had set herself the task of running at a consistent pace for the whole race and she did just that, which is a far more impressive feat than people realize. Being able to knock out the same pace regardless of the terrain the up or downs mile after mile takes real talent. By contract when I run I go out like I'm being chased by death, realize I am dying and slow down before intermittently speeding up for no apparent reason and then slowing down again.

I also want to take a moment to commend SJ on her finish, we came round the slight curve to the finish line I asked if she had a sprint finish in her, I don't think so was the reply". my next statement of why don't you swing your arms a bit and see what happens, SJ swung her arms .... and rocketed off into the distance! From I don't think so to flying in seconds. An epic sprint finish that deserved the mention! Both SJ and Kirk were the runners I was able to witness first hand that day throwing everything they had at the course and they both came away with well deserved PBs. Well done!!

There were many other team members doing the same that day that should also be applauded, I mention the two I was able to witness first hand.

Race Results

James Dean 34:31 (SB)

Stuart Le Tissier 37:52

Will Greenway 38:00 (PB)

Neil White 39:20

Simon Price 39:48

Lee Trueman 39:38 (PB)

Graham Bungay 40:43

Amanda Pinckney 44:21

Martin Ball 46:42 (PB)

Lucy Jones 46:53

Lizzy White 47:21 (PB)

Sarah-Jane Loynds 48:04 (PB)

Helen Bonaer 48:25

Mike Gordon 48:43

Andy Mansfied 48:47

Kirk Jenkins 49:00 (PB)

David Wells 50:03

Neil Cameron 50:25

Luke Mills 51:11

Rachel McCulloch 51:34

Amanda Jones 51:36 (SB)

Stephen Maddocks 52:23

Carly Stuart 53:03

Zea Brenchley 53:12

Virginia Collins 55:01

Louise Henning 55:15

Sarah Hopkins 57:36 (PB).

Way to go Totton RC!!!!

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