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The Field Of Dreams (Wide Lane RR10)

Hi Lizzy here I agreed to somehow do this race report for the RR10 even though if I'm honest this is my least favorite and I wasn't planning on doing it. now I couldn't miss it! I'll just go for the cake.

I've done this race a few times and I never really liked it much. The worse part and many agreed is that you can see all the runners for most of the race. You can see where you want to be and how far behind you are. On the plus side, there's a dog leg and you get an occasional shout-out if fellow club runners are not too tired.

We arrived with plenty of time. The black clouds looked a bit threatening. But the rain held off. Mike Mills came and had a lovely chat about the different club vests and also who he was in competition with, pointing out a few of his rivals in the V70. It gave me a little buzz about the competitive side everyone has someone they would like to stay near catch up with or beat ect.. but all at different levels. There are lots of mini races going on within the big race. Everyone has different goals some for a good time others just to complete it. But it's the same race. RR10s are very inclusive and friendly.

Pre-race chit chat. Photo by Derek Jennings
Pre-race chit chat. Photo by Derek Jennings

Off I went on a quick warm-up lap with Kirsty and Mike Gordon. None of us were overly excited about the run. We gathered for the group photo, then sang happy birthday to our team captain Andy. Then a handstand from Graham and Kirsty and a crab from Patricia. I'm not sure about this new warm-up routine?

Graham's new warm up
Graham's new warm up

Just like that, all the club's gathered and we realised we were a bit further back than we liked. 321 go we were off oh too late we will get around. It was nice staying with Kirsty and Mike. We ran as a team and even managed a few words to each other. I felt good so pushed on. Around the little field under the tunnel twice around the big field and back in around the little field. It was hot and muggy and the fields felt like they were never-ending. I got a shout-out from the Marshall "nice Skort" which reminds me a Shout out to Vicky and Becs for there colourful shorts always nice to add a bit of colour to the events.

Count the Tottoners

It was nice to see other club members on the route I could see Eamonn and he shouted some much-needed encouragement through the trees. I think I managed a wave. My breathing wasn't great and it was a hard push to get to the end In the muggy conditions. But nearer the end, I could hear fellow club members clapping, and Helen's bell ringing so with the advice from captain Helen I tried to swing my arms and looked up oh no the photographer forced smile then go for it and I was finished. Thank goodness!!

I got my ticket and handed it to Lindsay. I caught my breath and got some water. Then a bit later over to the cake stall. I stood with the team to cheer everyone in. It's been said so many times but Totton running club really is a supportive club. Every single runner is amazing we all made it in. Well done

Next up, the penultimate RR10 at Badger Farm - Winchester 3rd August 19:15

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Jacquie Barlow 20 Patricia Spodzieja 25 Lizzy White 31 Kirsty Macbeth 37 Kylie Nugus 53 Sara Parry 83 Janet Foote 84 Samantha Bowyer 88 Vicky Couzens 93 Ann-Marie Vanderplank 94 Teresa Dodkin 97 Alison Kaines 111 Dot Kennard 117 Tina Mills 118 Rebecca Chambers 135


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