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2022 Saucony National Cross Country Championships

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Following on from a heavy-packed & fun-filled cross country weekend would like to highlight the 2022 Saucony National Cross country Championships taking place on Saturday 26th February at Parliament Hill, London.

The club will cover the cost of your entry, If you wish to enter please contact Andy Warren. Entries close on 28th January so will need to know before then if interested.

It would be great to get a team of Men & Women to this event. Transport wise will look to go as a group, we are exploring options and would ask all runners to chip in.

It would be a full day out with fellow fantastic club runners, and the chance to run alongside national-level athletes. It's apparently a great experience from we've been told from the legendary Mike Mills.

Senior Women Championship (8K) at 1.35 pm FOUR to score Senior Men Championship (12K) at 3.00 pm SIX to score

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