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Can you design a new TRC logo?

Some of you may remember we had a little competition last year to choose a motto for TRC. It was won by Chris Barnes and his words are now immortalised in our brand forever. The next step is to, potentially, update our logo.

We are running another competition asking for your concept designs for a new TRC logo. As no one is an actual graphic designer (I think), we are not expecting amazing, fully rendered final images. More sketches, with good colouring in. I would encourage participation from the children in the club. They tend to be quite creative. Also an ideal half-term activity.

The idea is to bring us up to date, modernise rather than change completely, but we’re open to that too.

So start drawing, send them to a committee member and we’ll start having a think. If we get some we really think will work we’ll have them drawn up and do a bit of voting.

The end date is 4 weeks from now.

There will be a small prize. But it’s the glory you should be chasing.

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