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CC6 race 5 Roundhill

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A stunning January morning to arrive on campsite at Roundhill, it was cold with frost on ground but sun was beaming with no cloud in sight. Almost seemed magical near the tent / camp area with the pool of water nearby giving off perfect reflections. Everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood.

The wave of blue was out again with a total of 38 runners (20 women and 18 men) with the support of the usual crew (Lindsay, Emily, Rob B (Chair), Kirsty, Dave & Emily) who were awesome. After our group photo it was time to make our way to get to the start line, which was about half a mile to get to. It seemed the TRC crew were very keen, at arrival to start the majority was our club colours with others starting to arrive a few minutes later.

At the start there was mention of hot drinks and cake which is always a great incentive before the race to get back. The online description of the route beforehand stated mainly on trail with a bit of mud, should be able to get away with road shoes. Believe the majority of us went with road shoes, more to come on that. The route consisted of a kind of weird figure of 8 (crossroads half way round the race). Started on track with a downhill straight then for about a mile on track going over the train bridge into the inclosure heading towards Standing hat. We then turned off down a grass muddy track for about 500m which was a tad slippery in places but manageable just about with road shoes - bit slippy here and there.

After this came back on ourselves and crossed another rail bridge to meet the crossroads where there was plentiful support (near start / finish lines). There was only one muddy section overall and most of the course was not too hilly overall. There was a sharp hill back over the rail bridge on return and the hill drag towards the finish. Where we had some frankly interesting photos uploaded from the Chair pushing ourselves to the limit. Awesome effort to get that final sprint to the line to complete 4.35 miles of hard work, well done everyone! At least the Chair managed to prise from just taking loads of selfies of himself, the support helps so much at the end from TRC runners and supporters. Well done to Lisa Smith who completed her 1st CC6 race ever.

We had 7 women in the top 30, well done and came top again overall in the race. Its an incredible achievement with now coming top 4 out of 5 CC6 races - what a feat well done Ladies, keep it up to get the championship! The men did finish the highest they have done in any other CC6 race this year (5th) so that is progress. More notes and pointers from the women will be required. Overall the Men are 9th in tables with Hamwic and Itchen Spitfires in their sights.

I will have to finish on the splendorous cakes that were on offer, they were in plentiful supply and to enjoy with coffee or tea made it a perfect morning for a race. Great little course and hope it comes back in future.


Alice Burch 3

Jo Haley 7

Flo Studdert-Kennedy 8

Helen Bonaer 11

Patricia Spodzieja 22

Lizzy White 28

Lucy Jones 29

Mandy Jones 54

Donna Pike 72

Zea Brenchley 76

Teresa Dodkin 81

Sarah Gordon 82

Priscilla Cook 83

Vicky Couzens 84

Farah Hibberd 85

Lyn Hatchett 90

Ann-Marie Vanderplank 94

Dot Kennard 99

Tina Mills 109

Lisa Smith 113


Will Greenway 16

Andy Herman 21

Neil White 22

Simon Hall 31

Jon Marsden 42

Robbie Barlow 54

Chris Barnes 64

Geoff Willis 67

Adrian Hayes 71

Andrew Warren 79

Keith Whitten 81

Tony Lees 88

Luke Mills 99

Mike Gordon 110

Craig Taylor 117

Neil Cameron 122

Anthony Kendrick 127

Kirk Jenkins 130

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