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Copythorne Carnival 5k & 10k

A spectacular local event organised by the 2nd New Forest Scouts (Stanleys Own) and on a hot sunny summers evening too! In previous years this was a low key event with all finishers being given a certificate hand written by a scout when they crossed the line. This year the run director wanted to change all that and run a professional event with the addition of wheel measurement, finishers medals and prizes too. I think we can all agree he did a fantastic job, and the medals were great too being made from glass so something a bit different. Due to us having approx. 43 runners across both distances we were given permission to hoist our flag and provided with a nice tent to shelter in and leave bags. We were beaten on entrants by local youth football club Winsor united who had around 100 runners, so an all round strong local contingent. The carnival theme was in full swing with a BBQ and drinks available, music flowing and ice cream too.

Everyone lined up ready to start the race and the run director did his speech, announcing that they had already raised over £4000.00 from the event! There was then a warm up from Atlas fitness where the keener eyed among you may have noticed the instructor was only moments away from breaking through the top of the bench... thankfully he finished just before the bench gave way.

The course started out the gates of the scout grounds and onto the main road (which was thankfully closed to traffic) there was a bit of scramble to switch onto the road from the grass and then the race was really moving. Starting on a downhill, as this course did is a blessing and a curse depending on how you run and if you can pace yourself. Personally I go for the over excited start too fast and then hate myself for the rest of the run....but each to their own.

At the bottom of the hill it was a left turn and we were heading towards Winsor, which meant an uphill section. This is the point where anyone going out too fast at the start had time to realize their error and slowly drop back a little. Once at the top of the hill it was another left hand turn onto Winsor Road and a long straight as we headed down towards the Compass Inn. As is usual for the forest we weren't now on a flat road, it of course contained more incline as we made our way up, down and up again. At the Compass Inn were greeted with cheers from Captain Andy and a water station set up by the pub.

I'm not naming any names but some people enjoyed the water station more than others....... haha!

This year the course had been officially measured with a wheel to ensure they got the distance correct, this lead to their being 2 turn around points one for the 5k and one for the 10k. After the turn around and a brief chance to wave at other runners when passing the route went to the right heading back to the Copythorne Road. And.... surprise surprise another hill! This one being a long dragging one that just didn't want to end. Well the road is call Barrow Hill Road so there was a clue wasn't there?

At the end of the hill/road we swung a left past The Empress of Blandings Pub ... an extreme left would have put us in the bar, just a thought for next year... we could all go for a personal worst and have a pint on route? And then we were back on the main road and there was .... yes another hill. I'm sure not convinced the uphill we ran was supported by the same amount of downhill at any point.

For those of us running the 5k, at the top of the hill we swung a left into the scouts grounds and through the finish line... for those in the 10k it was a repeat of the same course. I have to admit as I got to the top of the hill and saw the other half heading off for lap two I was immensely smug that I had opted for the 5k. It was hilly and it was hot, 2 lap runners were the heroes of the day. Once heading in to finish Emily was as always on hand taking photos, all of which are on display on the Facebook group of our smiling faces! And to top if all off there were biscuits and bananas at the finish too.

Three Totton Runners managed podium places across 3 races! With Adam Wilkinson taking 2nd male and Jacquie Barlow taking 3rd female in the 10k, and myself taking 2nd female in the 5k. We all received a lovely glass trophy presented by the carnival queen!

But of course we all know the real winner of the night was Rob Kendall who got a burger and a hot dog at the BBQ for his pre dinner snack!

Also good to see looking through the photos that the Dean Lucas wave has now become a staple....keep up the good job!

And now for the results!

First up the 5k Results

And the 10k Results

Fantastic work as always from a great bunch of people!

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