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Itchen Valley RR10

Continuing our theme of having guest report writers we welcome Rob Kendall giving a summary of most recent RR10 event. Thanks to Lordshill Runners for putting on a great event and well marshaled in the field with happy faces.

RR10 Race 2 at Itchen Valley Country Park on 04/05/22 - Rob Kendall

It was a warm, sunny evening that greeted us for the first RR10 of the season that the club could participate in after hosting the first one. In usual TRC style we had a good turnout with 57 runners (29 women and 28 men) some new faces running their first RR10 and some familiar faces making a return.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with friends the majority of us all began our Nathan Flear style warm ups. We didn’t quite have the 45 minutes to do this as he recommended but I am sure we were sufficiently warmed up to start the race.

Before we knew it the call had gone out for the customary team photo. We all lined up and the sea of blue was looking fantastic in the early evening sunshine. Unfortunately few members were caught in traffic and missed the photo, not to worry there are ample opportunities to get in photos at this club.

After the photos were taken it was time to gather at the start line in nervous excitement as to what was about to unfold. The race would be 4.8 miles / 7.7 km’s. The Race director was saying a few words but I couldn’t hear him as he didn’t have a megaphone, before we knew it I assume he announced that we were off. The course was two laps and mixture of fields with many rabbit holes, tracks with roots and woodland areas with all sorts of things to trip you up.

My tactic these days for these shorter races has been copied from Geoff, go out as hard as I can and then try and hold on before collapsing over the line. I started well and settled into my rhythm until I came to ‘the hill’ which we were to climb three times in all, now breathing like a steam train I realised I had gone off a tad too fast. I kept going and could see the faster guys of the club in my sights whilst still trying not to trip up or fall down a hole. The dipping sun at this point was also proving a bit of a pest. Running out of energy and puff the end was in sight across the large field we had started in, I still had one of my best positions for the club and even thought I had the unlikely number over Alex C. Sadly this wasn’t to be as he pipped me on the line! Something about the Winchester runner getting involved in our battle. Nevertheless I was pleased with my run.

Once breath has been recovered everyone walks back to where the runners come towards the finish and offer as much encouragement as possible to get them over the line. Looking around some other teams have started to copy us with this and even a report of some singing going on. The usual suspects then head over to the cake table to immediately replace those calories lost during the run, some even trying to talk whilst shoving the cake in.

After energy levels have been replenished we often natter to one another about how the race went for each other. Stories of an odd man shouting ‘Track’ at some Eastleigh ladies (possibly one of Neil C’s mates) and the Whistling man who makes Kirsty run faster to get away from him.

As the sun went behind the trees, the temperature dropped a little and it was time to easily pack away the TRC tent and make our way home. On the way home I’m sure we were all looking forward to seeing ourselves look amazing in Emily’s finishing line photos.

Thanks Rob on your insight on the evening. Next event is at Hamble Country park on May 18th at 7pm hosted by Hedge End & Netley, please car share and get there early if you can - parking again could be limited.

Please see individual results below. Its a bit too early to go into Team result details as we have hosted and raced one, but currently Men's team is 6th and Women's team is joint 4th. After next RR10 will give more an indication of where we are in the league. What i will say there is not much between Totton & Totton (B) team for both sexes in tables which goes to show our depth. Well done to new faces of Totton; Natasha Foster, Stuart Foster, Sarah Hopkins, Simon King and Sara Parry. Awesome!

Women Jo Haley 13 Flo Studdert-Kennedy 15 Sophie Coady 25 Amanda Miles 31 Patricia Spodzieja 32 Lucy Jones 33 Lizzy White 49 Kirsty Macbeth 52 Janet Foote 89 Sara Parry 92 Louise Henning 98 Vivien Alexander 109 Donna Pike 116 Priscilla Cook 118 Sarah Hopkins 122 Vicky Couzens 128 Rachael Gardner 132 Rachel Townsend 137 Teresa Dodkin 143 Tanya Davis 145 Ann-Marie Vanderplank 153 Alison Kaines 155 Dot Kennard 161 Tina Mills 164 Jeanette Hiscocks 173 Sohini Frame 188 Natasha Foster 190 Rebecca Chambers 192 Caroline Irwin 208

Men Will Greenway 47 Carl Shirley 48 Stuart Le Tissier 49 Michael Read 53 Simon King 56 Neil White 59 Paul Bullen 61 Alex Cooper 65 Rob Kendall 66 Simon Hall 68 Graham Bungay 77 Brian Frampton 96 Keith Whitten 97 Dean Lucas 109 Robbie Barlow 124 Eamonn Rivers 131 Tony Lees 132 Andrew Warren 141 Stuart Foster 144 Luke Mills 152 Harvey Hiscock 164 Neil Cameron 185 Peter Ellis 193 Mike Gordon 202 Martin Nugus 209 Craig Taylor 215 Denis Coady 223 Mike Mills 234

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