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Netley 10k

If ever a race fitted the statement ' a race of two halves' its Netley 10k 2022. The weather reports in the lead up to the race had been changeable by the hour so we had no hope really. On arrival it appeared the sun gods had once again smiled on runners, there was sun and warmth and frivolity ..... half way through the race the heavens opened. Not just a smattering of rain but heavy, torrential rain that ensured you couldn't open your eyes enough to actually see. And thank god we got a towel at the end because my make up had run to the point I looked like a member of kiss . Although the best use of the finishers towel definitely goes to this lot.....

The event was organised by Southampton Athletics Club and the race took place at Victoria Country Park in Netley, thankfully we all got to drive over the Itchen Bridge to get there rather run over it. Anyone not too familiar with the country Park, it used to house a hospital that covered much of the field area we congregated in. The only remaining part of the hospital now being the chapel, photos from the day show an impressive structure that many local historian laments the loss of. At the rear of the park is the police training college where some of you may have noticed the assault course in the field, and perhaps had the weather been kinder we could have had a TRC competition to really build up those arm muscles for waving. Sadly with no photographers on course and the rain dampening spirits there was no TRC waving this weekend.

The course started by the chapel before we headed into the wood following the paths before a rather sharp right turn which led to the police training grounds where we hung a left. The path then continued down until we came out onto the main road of the park by the rear car parks, we dashed down to the main gates before a sharp left turn to head back towards the chapel. There were some inclines here that got harder each time, after which we swung a right through the main car park in a long line until we headed into the trees again. Repeat x3 and then on the last lap instead of turning left into the trees it was a right down the gravel track to the finish. Good job they had a big red arch for the finish as no one could see with the rain and we could have ended up anywhere.

The rain also made it slim pickings for photos, but I think they emphasize just how bad the rain came down when it did.

A shout out Terry who after finishing went back in the downpour to run as many of our runners in as possible, truly flying the team spirit in that rain. Another shout out to captain Andy and Neil W for folding the soggy tent away in the rain while the rest of us scarpered off home or for coffee! The rain made it tough for all and everyone that made it to the end deserves more than a towel or a medal! Although the towel did help with the wet pants/shorts and needing to sit down in the car situation.

Minus a few hiccups in the results that are hopefully all sorted now we had a great event as a team and all got a free hair wash! I hadn't realized how many of us were there as we were all hiding from the rain in various places around the park. There is one race left in the HRRL league for this season with Alresford 10k on the 19th June!

Results !!

Simon King 39:32

Helen Bonaer 40:29 (PB)

Neil White 42:41

Amanda Pinkney 42:50 (PB)

Rob Barlow 43:49

Patricia Spodzieja 43:57 (PB)

Lee Trueman 44:01

Sophie Codey 45:06

Andy Warren 45:09

Amanda Miles 45:28

Jacquie Barlow 46:58

Terry Greening 47:44

Kirsty Macbeth 48:45

Lizzy White 49:03

Amanda Jones 51:09

Craig Taylor 52:24 (PB)

Sarah Gordan 52:36

Mike Gordan 52:37

Andy Walker 53:09

Rachel McCulloch 53:43

Vivian Alexander 54:46

Kirk Jenkins 56:12

Virginia Collins 56:40

Vicky Couzens 57:03

Zea Brenchley 57:21

Donna Pike 58:38

Sam Bowyer 58:54

Alison Kaines 1:00:27

Anne-Marie Vanderplank 1:01:56

Rob Barlow 1:03:40

Paul Gale 1:03:40

Rebecca Chambers 1:15:18

Caroline Irwin 1:24:55

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