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Overton 5 Mile - HRRL #1

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, the first race of the Hampshire Road Race League began with a 5 mile in Overton. The Road Race League consists of 12 races that take part throughout the year where you get to run different distances in different parts of Hampshire with other club members. 13 members took on this underlating 5 mile course down in Overton. This race famously takes place in the afternoon to avoid clashes with the church service. We arrived at the carpark, collected our numbers and placed our bags in the bag drop. All of this was located at the finish, our walk began with a mile uphill towards the start. At the top of the hill Helen and Emily took the team photo, this gave us some time to do a quick warmup and go to the toilet.

We made our way to the start where everyone wasn't feeling up for it. Sunday runs are meant for the mornings, so we were feeling sluggish. As the clock counted down towards the start, we patiently waited and then the heavens opened. The bell had rung and runners made their way down to the start line. Everyone started their watches and it all began downhill. There were people left and right of the road going downhill towards the 1 mile marker. All of us were trying to replicate our best Road Runner impressions from Looney Tunes, the "meep meep" sound effects were optional. Then the inclines began with a quick uphill that took people by surprise.

The course began to flatten out with some lovely views of the countryside and a nice cottage located at the top of the hill with people handing out waters on each side. The race continued with more downhills, open scenery and animals watching the runners as they went by. With the last hill conquered the phrase "it's only downhill from here" sprung to mind as we got into the last mile. Runners soaked up the atmosphere from the supporters along the way, with the course diverted to a wooded area with a passing river next to it. We could see the finish line in sight and our runners decided to activate their secret superpowers... "Flying Feet Mode" with the cheer from our supporters Helen, Andy + The Smalls along with some awesome photos from Emily, each runner crossed the line and completed the race.

But the best was yet come... cakes from the stands and a bar located near to buy drinks. Some of us took the opportunity to have a pint and grab a cake as a well-earned reward. After taking on a underlating course we all left Overton with beers in one hand, cake in the other hand and a Cheshire Cat smile of getting back into that race vibe! :)

Captain Robbie

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