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Romsey Relay Marathon

By Dean Lucas

The Romsey Relay Marathon returned after a 2 year break and although we had the first bit of rain in weeks it didn’t dampen the spirits of the two teams assembled for the days running.

A good representation from the club which saw faces old and new come together to complete their 2.6 mile laps before handing over to the next member. All were relaxed, in good spirits and ready to do their part for the team. Amanda and Rob clocking sub 17 minute laps meant that team 1 would end up as the faster of the two but this event wasn’t about times – it was more about the social side, the cheering and waving!

The course - was about a half to a third of the Broadlands grounds - flat and never left the gravel or paved areas. Start, finish and baton handover in the usual area.

To be fair – when I looked at the results I was pleasantly surprised by both teams times – I guess it goes to show that when you are laughing, relaxed and fuelled by bacon rolls and cake that the running comes easy.

A great event, expertly organised – only downside was the lady in front of me took the last bag of midget gems on the last lap. Special mention to Angela who I know had a big role in the organisation of this one.


On the day out of 113 teams, Totton A were 15th and B team were 49th - pretty impressive.

Romsey Relay Marathon Results below, well done to everyone who took part you were all awesome with some brilliant times;

Totton Team 1. Time 3:14:04

Amanda Pinckney 16.56

Neil Cameron 19.38

Patricia Spodzieja 17.30

Mandy Jones 20.07

Robbie Barlow 16.48

Laura Coe. 23.47

Rob Barlow 23.15

Eamonn Rivers 26.55

Sophie Coady 19.04

Mandy Jones 20.13

Totton Team 2. Time 3:35:12

Viv Alexander 21.50

Dean Lucas 17.37

Peter Ellis 19.26

Tanya Davis 24.25

Marlene Letheren 27.29

Carly Lucas 20.17

Sarah Louise Hopkins 22.07

Mel Green 20.50

Angela Soffe 22.33

Dean Lucas. 18.42

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