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Please use the booking system to booking a training session. This helps us control numbers and keep a record of those in attendance. Spaces on each session are limited in line with government and England Athletics guidelines. 

We ask our members to observe a minimum 2-meter space between themselves, fellow runners, and members of the public.

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Updated guidelines from England Athletics

September 2020

To read updated guidelines from England Athletics around training in groups, please click the link below

TRC Virtual Time Trials


Check the results and see course details of our Virtual Time trials here

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Our new TRC Podcast is now available. Neil C chats with club members. Check it out while you work from home or are out on your solo run!

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Important Information for Members - COIVD19

Coronavirus cases are increasing currently. This is how Totton Running Club will deal with news of a positive test in one of our training groups.

Please note:

  1. We train in a 'Covid secure' environment i.e. outside

  2. We limit our group numbers, where possible, to less than those recommended by England Athletics.

  3. We practice social distancing.

  4. Close contact in our training environment is defined as being within 2 metres of someone for 15 mins or more.

When we have news of a positive test we will refer back to our training spreadsheet and identify any individuals who may have been in 'close contact' with the member who has tested positive within the last 48 hours of developing symptoms. This is in line with Government advice. None of you should have been in close contact during our training sessions.

For example, if you trained with that person on Wednesday and they developed symptoms on Saturday it is very unlikely that you will have been exposed. The Governments Track and Trace service will not contact you in this example. This is also however why you must not adjust the training record spreadsheet.

As an individual, if you develop symptoms you will be responsible for working with Track and Trace to supply details of anyone you have been in 'close contact' with. Track and Trace may then decide to go further and contact the running club. We don't know yet. Just be aware that we have those details as needed.

Despite this, we will still inform you by personal email if you have been in a group where someone has gone on to develop symptoms. This is because you may have had 'close contact' with the person and we don't know about it. Please take social distancing seriously. If we have an outbreak we will have to stop training. If you don't feel well. Don't come to training.

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