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Eastleigh 10k Focus Sessions

Updated: Jan 22

After the success of our Gosport Half focus sessions in the autumn we will be running another series of sessions focusing on and building up to the Eastleigh 10k race taking place on 24th March.

If you have not entered yet or you want more information visit the event website here

The group sessions will take place on our normal Wednesday evening training sessions. The full scheduled can be seen below.

You can still join in and benefit even if you're not intending to run Eastleigh, the sessions will still be beneficial on there own.

The homework sessions are designed for you to fit in, in your own time. You could run theses by yourself or you could organise a small group on the facebook chat.

The session are designed to build your speed and endurance specifically for a 10k event so to get the maximum benefit you should take part in as may sessions as you can.


Homework Session

Week 1

20 x 2 mins on/off (@10k effort)

60 minutes easy

Week 2

10 x 4 mins @ LT (off 3 mins)

45 minutes easy 20 minutes HMP

Week 3

45 minutes easy 20 minutes HMP

30 minutes easy, 10 minutes 10K pace, 40 minutes easy

Week 4

8 x 5 mins @LT (off 2mins) + 3 x 2 mins @5K pace

90 minutes easy

Week 5

1 x 2 mile @ 10K goal pace + 4 x 1 mile @ 10K goal pace 

50 minutes easy, 15 minutes 10K pace, 30 minutes HMP

Week 6

3 x 12 @ LT (2 mins off) + 4 x 2 mins @5K pace

30 minutes easy, 60 minutes HMP

Week 7

4 x 10 @LT (off 2mins) + 10 x 30 secs mile pace

70 minutes easy, 15 minutes 10 K pace, 10 minutes HMP

Week 8

2x2 miles @ 10K goal pace + 2x1 miles @ 10K goal pace

120 minutes easy

Week 9

2x2 miles @ 10K goal pace + 2x1 miles @ 10K goal pace

80 minutes easy, 20 minutes 10K pace, 10 minutes easy

Week 10

Taper 5 x 3 mins @ 10K goal pace ( off 3 mins)

80 minutes easy

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