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Virtual CC6 League for TRC

Event 1 - The Brock Bat | 2.7 Miles/4.4 km Ends 31th October

Location: Extended Warm up car park: Park at Hollands Wood, Brockenhurst SO42 7QH. Run along the track adjacent to the road and left turn by Balmer Lawn (couple of miles perhaps).



Recommended car park (with 0.5 mile warm up): Park in the car park before Standing Hat (called Tiley Road).


No warm up car park: Park at Standing Hat Inclosure Car Park.

Please be mindful of other forest users and animals. Take extra care when running through the technical sections of the course, especially around mile 1.4 (for 0.3 miles). This course is not suitable for spikes due to the gravel track. It can be very muddy in parts with one boggy bit to cross. You can go around but this will obviously take longer.

Virtual Hill Climb League for TRC


Event 1 - Eyeworth | 1.25 Miles/2 km Evaluation Gain 125ft

Eyeballs out at Eyeworth

It's a mild climb for 1.25 miles, to get you used to a point to point hill time trial. Event 2 may get tougher! Submit times as often as you wish over the next month to Dot Kennard and Neil Vincent. Note contact change for men's results. Go on you will love it! .. and if not enjoy a picnic at this secret beauty spot.

Virtual RR10 League for TRC

Some summer running fun for those of you missing the real RR10s. We intend to have a league of 6 virtual races over the next few months, starting June 1st.

Idea is that we all time ourselves individually over the same courses and then compare against others in the club. We will attempt to keep the courses simple for you to follow, inevitably some of you will get lost, that is part of the fun! But it's ok because you can run the route as many times as you like, it's your best time that will count in the table. Dot and Tony K have kindly agreed to compile the results.

The distances will deliberately be a little shorter than the classic RR10s. As well as helping with simplifying routes, this hopefully will allow those of us that have not been running so much during lockdown to join in. Please follow the latest lockdown advice from England Athletics and the government as it unfolds.

  • 2m separation is a minimum, better for us hot, sweaty and out of puff athletes to aim for more than 5m where possible, especially if we are out in pairs+

  • Give way to other forest users, even if this means you waste a few precious seconds

  • We expect most folk will do this on their own or in pairs. Say hello to others that you happen to see, but don't hang around forming large chatting groups at the start/finish.

Each event will have an expiry date before which you need to submit your times. If the pilot is successful we will release a further 5 courses. We are aiming for 2 releases per month.


Event 6 - Beechen Lane | 3 Miles/4.8 km | Expires 15/09/20

Fast and Flattish course designed by Pete Ellis

Event 5 - Acres Down | 3 Miles/4.8 km | Expires 31/08/20

3 Miles of Undulating fun from course designer Neil Vincent, starting at Acres Down car park near Minstead.

Event 4 - Deerleep | 3.9 Miles/6.3 km | Expires 15/08/20

This route should be familiar to most runners as it forms parts of our summer training sessions at Deerleap enclosure.


The route is easy to follow – it is hard-packed gravel paths throughout and should be dry. There is a double gate at the entrance to the enclosure that you will have to negotiate twice.


There are some hills but this is flatter than some of the other routes.


Parking in Deerleap enclosure car park – Start and finish point is cycle point 380 which is just past the gate where we normally congregate for training in normal circumstances

Event 3 - Millyford Bridge | 3.5 Miles/5.6 km | Expires 31/07/20

Friday runners will know this route well but if you’ve not been to Millyford Bridge before it is a straightforward loop to run.

To get to the car park from the Totton/Ashurst direction then you have two options – going through Lyndhurst to Emery Down or using the narrow short cut road from the Cadnam to Lyndhurst road.

There is a 3rd option of traveling up the A31and taking the Emery Down exit just past the Esso Garage. Once in Emery Down you will need to take the road to the right of the New Forest Inn pub, carry on driving down this road for just over a mile and Millyford Bridge car park is on the right-hand side 

Event 2 - Janesmoor Pond | 3.8 Miles/6.1km | Expires 15/07/20

Hopefully, this route will be familiar with many of you. It forms part of our RR10, and is used in various other RR10’s and CC6 races.


The route should be fairly easy to follow, it is 100% hard packed gravel track and will be dry. Unfortunately, there are some gates to negotiate. Please close them behind you and consider having some hand sanitiser for when you finish.

The route is undulating; you will either be going uphill or downhill, there is very little on the flat.


Parking at the Janesmoor Pond. The start and finish can be found where the woodland starts with the pond behind you. This is marked by cycle post numbered 35

Event 1 - Busketts Lawn | 3.5 Miles | Expires 30/06/20

Busketts Lawn (Woodlands) is just west of Ashurst. Some of you will be able to jog to the start from your homes. For the rest, please don't park on Woodlands Road or Fletchwood Lane. Consider parking at the public car park near the Happy Cheese. If you actually use the Happy Cheese car parks, consider helping a local business, in this tough time -they are open for take-away, including ice cream!

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